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It used to be you wrote a book and tried to sell it to a major publisher. If you were lucky and the publisher was well-heeled enough, they organized an advertising and publicity campaign for you, which included book signings in major, relevant bookstores. Of course, there were many authors who were picked up, but, for one reason or another, not promoted - and those books kind of fell by the wayside.  But the ones who scored big with big publishers, they were the authors whose name a lot of people knew and were on the New York Times Bestseller lists and so on.

Then along came the Internet and everything began to change.  It would be possible to spend a great deal of time on the opportunities that were opened to authors through the Internet, starting with Amazon, which put a bookstore in their homes and e-books, which made delivering a book as simple as downloading a file. And now there is Kindle - and you don’t even need a hard copy book to carry around, if you don’t want it. You just stick it into cyberspace like everything else you stick up there.  So we could talk forever about all of that here.

But what is really relevant for our purposes is a point that not every new author knows.  Major publishers like authors who know and use the Internet for their own purposes. They like to actually know that an author has taken charge of their own destiny and is making himself famous, if not with the whole world, at least with the niche he addresses in his books- whether its cocker spaniels, UFO’s or 19th century spies. 

What does this mean?

  • It means a website, for one thing, to ply his unique skills.
  • It means a blog for another thing. It could mean special webinars.
  • It could mean off-line activities like giving speeches or seminars.
  • It could mean a newsletter or e-zine with multiple autoresponder messages that might also sell other products.
  • It means having a social media campaign that keeps the pipeline full of information about your book

In a sense, what some of these publishers want is a self-generated back end  - not so much as to cash into it, but because celebrity sales or robust communications with a list in the Internet- helps them sell an author’s book and cuts down some of the work for them. 
This is where Vilain-Innovations comes along. To tell you the truth, we’re not really just a literary agency- although we generally start out with books or screenplays. We are a media agency because we can advise you and even help you create a media platform.

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