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Literary Agency

About Vilain-Innovations

Initially, I decided to go into professional translation - until, by temperament and because of the needs of some of my clients, I decided to open a literary agency as a component of Vilain-Innovations. All this was probably because I have a natural aptitude for learning languages and a great interest in literature -  as well as what you might call it an insatiable curiosity and interest in the world of media. You could easily call me a literary or media entrepreneur.

Pauline Vilain:

I received an Master of Arts in English Literature and Language
and did post-graduate studies at London University. A few years
later I received my Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations/Marketing.

Prior to opening my own business, I was the head of the English Department in what was, at the time, called College Rolduc. I found this to be useful in pursuing my interest in English language and literature, but more of a launching pad for what I do now.

During that time I trained students for various Cambridge Certificates. These certificates - organized by the renowned Cambridge University in Great Britain -  have now grown to be an internationally recognized standard for assessing various language and business skills.

In The Netherlands, the registration for businesses is handled by the Chambers of Commerce.They provide outstanding training and networking tor their members.  For this reason, I am an active member of the Quality Circle of the Chambers of Commerce for the province of Limburg, which provides on-going business training to its members. Many of these trainings focus on Quality Systems Management.

I like working with clients and pursuing entrepreneurial projects because that’s what permits the writing and distribution of books and films. So the literary component is wonderful, but the business side makes it happen.

And I am right here at Vilain-Innovations, poised between these two exciting and fascinating worlds.

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