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  • Dr Joshi
  • Michael Loyd Gray
  • Philip Cioppa 
  • Sara Kaminski
  • John Cones
  • Geert van Oijen
  • Phil la Greca 
  • Adam Chesin
  • Albert Holl
  • Jenni Eden
  • Russell Bittner
  • Sonia Meyer
  • Terri Ragdsdale
  • Cheri and Peter Lucking
  • Sharon Crocilla
  • Sharon Poppen
  • Elizabeth Barlo
  • Steve Martino
  • Edgar Arens
  • Richard Burnett Carter
  • Jay Hollister
  • Louis Spickett
  • Andrea Gerber
  • Kevin Dawson
  • Prasann Thakrar
  • Ben Midland 
  • Ruud Antonius

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Listen in as Michael Loyd Gray talks about the importance of having a great agent, doing book tours, blogging, and not giving up. 

"Vilain Innovations Literary Agency far surpasses the expectations of an author. From review of a manuscript to the personal attention given once accepted as a client, Pauline Vilain attends to every detail of her commitment to you. She is an effective communicator, passionate about the written word and even more passionate about her clients and the services" she provides. Her international presence provides a much needed platform for serious writers. I am proud to be her client and urge writers seeking a literary agent to contact Vilain Innovations for more information!"

Phil Cioppa

"Pauline Vilain is every writer’s dream agent! Not only does she possess an enthusiastic and cooperative attitude towards her carefully selected “flock” of writers, but she also sets and guides their expectations with a kindly shepherd’s hand. If you want to be free and unencumbered to do what you do best—and, at the same time, want to sleep unmolested by doubts or questions about what your agent may or may not be doing in the background on your behalf—Pauline’s your woman, make no mistake about it. They just don’t make ‘em any better!"

Russell Bittner 
Author of Trompe-l’oeil

"We have had the sheer pleasure of working with Pauline Vilain. She was recommended to us through a mutual business partner, and we have been most grateful. We recognized from our very first meeting that Pauline would be the one to represent us. Pauline has been attentive to detail, gives us regular updates and is very optimistic that she will land us a publishing deal for our book series Bilbo's Adventures either here in the USA or Europe. Based on her enthusiasm and tenacity we feel very confident with our choice of agent and look forward to working with Pauline Vilain for many years to come."

~ Cheri & Peter Lucking Authors/Illustrator -
 Bilbo's Adventures